Random Thoughts

About That Circus, I Mean Debate

I never thought I would be writing about politics, but how could I not? It would be like trying to avoid the annoying person who keeps texting you. Eventually you give in, get mad, and reply with “WHAT?“. So, the Presidential circus, I mean debate, happened. And yes, I am behind in writing about it, because… Continue reading About That Circus, I Mean Debate

Random Thoughts

I’m falling over for Fall

Yup, it’s here. Not sure why the leaves are still green, but Fall is officially here. Can you tell that i’m doing somewhat of a happy dance? No more “hot cars” in the subway. For those who don’t know what that is, these are the train cars with no air condition. I’m so excited for… Continue reading I’m falling over for Fall

Random Holidays

Happy Photography Day?

So apparently today is a holiday called “Photography Day”. I wonder how many people will see that and think it means “Selfie Day”. Or maybe i’m the only one. I just want to be clear for the youngins… today is PHOTOGRAPHY DAY. Cellphones have caused you to “think” this means take a billion pictures of yourselves. Today,… Continue reading Happy Photography Day?

Random Thoughts

Independence Day Celebration

Happy 4th of July! Most people, especially the children, look forward to this day for its BBQs, fireworks, and family gatherings. Oh and a day off from work. Gotta love having a 3 day weekend.  On this day that we observe the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, I would like to pay homage to fireworks… Continue reading Independence Day Celebration