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Soooo Cold, but it’s MARCH

We had this thing called a Nor’easter or winter storm or just plain old weather monster this week in NY. It’s March and we are looking at another peek of the wet stuff this weekend. I’m feeling like a snowgirl who has become lazy. Calgon, don’t take me away, just warm my feet because I… Continue reading Soooo Cold, but it’s MARCH

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America Is Moving In Slow Motion

The presidential election is over and I don’t know how to feel. Seems like people are moving in slow motion, while we come to grips with a new reality. Many of us wonder what life is going to be like in the upcoming years. I say take a deep breath. Yes, breathe. Life won’t be the… Continue reading America Is Moving In Slow Motion

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Because Of You, I’m In Love

The one thing I can’t live without, besides my phone, is my headphones. I know you think i’m crazy, but life just isn’t the same without them. While the rest of you are in denial, I am COMPLETELY aware of how amazing these things are. I decided to share the top 5 reasons I love, love, and I mean LOVE my… Continue reading Because Of You, I’m In Love

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My Hero Wears Pink

I don’t like to wear my emotions on my sleeves, but this may be THAT post. Brace yourself. To My Hero in Pink, Every October I am reminded of your strength, your courage, the pain you suffered. In your eyes, I see a winner. The only woman who could give me life and love me when I hated myself. I was mad… Continue reading My Hero Wears Pink

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And Yet ANOTHER Debate

The second presidential debate has come to an end. I feel like celebrating! I can’t believe I managed to sit through another debate or was that a passive aggressive fight. I dunno. SMH! I think the real winner here was the room. Not the people IN the room, the room itself. Dear Four Walls (that… Continue reading And Yet ANOTHER Debate

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About That Circus, I Mean Debate

I never thought I would be writing about politics, but how could I not? It would be like trying to avoid the annoying person who keeps texting you. Eventually you give in, get mad, and reply with “WHAT?“. So, the Presidential circus, I mean debate, happened. And yes, I am behind in writing about it, because… Continue reading About That Circus, I Mean Debate

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I’m falling over for Fall

Yup, it’s here. Not sure why the leaves are still green, but Fall is officially here. Can you tell that i’m doing somewhat of a happy dance? No more “hot cars” in the subway. For those who don’t know what that is, these are the train cars with no air condition. I’m so excited for… Continue reading I’m falling over for Fall