Random Holidays

Oh Christmas Tree… Merry Christmas

Today is the one day where we can put aside our issues (no fighting with your siblings) and admire the Christmas tree. That’s right. You spent all those minutes (I HOPE it didn’t take hours) putting up a tree that no one stops to look at… except the house cat. Well, here’s to all your hard… Continue reading Oh Christmas Tree… Merry Christmas

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My Hero Wears Pink

I don’t like to wear my emotions on my sleeves, but this may be THAT post. Brace yourself. To My Hero in Pink, Every October I am reminded of your strength, your courage, the pain you suffered. In your eyes, I see a winner. The only woman who could give me life and love me when I hated myself. I was mad… Continue reading My Hero Wears Pink

Random Holidays

Happy Photography Day?

So apparently today is a holiday called “Photography Day”. I wonder how many people will see that and think it means “Selfie Day”. Or maybe i’m the only one. I just want to be clear for the youngins… today is PHOTOGRAPHY DAY. Cellphones have caused you to “think” this means take a billion pictures of yourselves. Today,… Continue reading Happy Photography Day?